{Cassy & Nathanael} Engagement Photography

I have too much to say about these two, and not enough space to put it into words! For our first date, my husband and I doubled with Cassy and Nate, which just happened to be their first date too! I guess something good happened that day :) It's been so fun to be a part of their wedding planning, when Cassy helped out so much with mine, and the two of them were in our wedding party as a bridesmaid and groomsman. Love having AMAZING friends! We drove a ways out of Rexburg for their engagement shoot, and stopped at many places along the Mesa Falls senic byway- it's awesome how green it gets if you just drive a bit. Reminds me of Oregon :) The countdown for them is going quick! They're so obviously happy and in love... I can't wait to see how happy they'll be on their wedding day :)