{Nate & Kaylin} Secret Proposal Shoot!

This was such a fun opportunity to help out with a proposal! Nate and Kaylin are so perfect for each other, and Nate did such an amazing job with all the planning of a perfect evening. Here's Kaylin's side of the story:

“So he told me we were going to go float the river. We had a pleasant warm evening and after about 50 minutes we came around a bend and saw these tiki torches. Nathan’s words were, ‘Weird! We got some pagans doing some ritual out here or something?’ I originally assumed they were someone else’s…but as we got closer to the bank I realized no one else was around…and people don’t just leave burning tiki torches sitting on random river banks. I noticed there was a basket with a bouquet of daisies. My favorite flowers… hmmm…Coincidence?! I THINK NOT! When Nathan said, ‘Well, I guess we’re here!’ I started to suspect that this was planned. He pulled a little box out of the picnic basket…and you’ll never believe what was inside! It was my ring!!! THE RING!!! Like the one I’ve been in love with since I pinned it on Pinterest forty some odd months ago! He asked, and I said YES!”