{Let's Get Personal} Gift Giving and DIY Pinecone Necklace


We're doing a Secret Santa at work this month, and I've been so excited to put this little package together! There's just something about a wrapping a homemade gift in festive holiday packaging that gets me even more excited for Christmas than I already am.  As fun as it is to give gifts to friends and family (especially when you know they'll love them!), I wanted to share a few thoughts on true gift giving. Don't worry, I'll get to the how-to for this sweet and simple DIY gift in a quick minute :)

Let's start with a quote to get us on the same page!

"We all enjoy giving and receiving presents. But there is a difference between presents and gifts. The true gifts may be part of ourselves—giving of the riches of the heart and mind—and therefore more enduring and of far greater worth than presents bought at the store." -James E. Faust

As much as I don't want to admit it, I easily get caught up in the giving of things, especially this time of year. When I can help lift the spirits of people I love it lifts my spirits in return. Tangible gifts can definitely do that, but most are perishable and may be forgotten as we continue moving throughout our busy lives. Lifting spirits can also be done in ways that won't be forgotten, and their effects can last for a lifetime. This year I'd love for you to join me in my efforts to dig a little deeper into the true spirit of Christmas and give "true" gifts- of service, of love, of time- not just to loved ones, but to those who are truly in need of what we can give. Definitely embrace the joy that comes from giving presents this year, but remember the importance of giving true gifts, and the true joy that it brings :)

And finally, here is the promised DIY info! This dainty gold pinecone necklace is as simple as it gets! All you need is a pinecone charm (I've seen gold, silver, rose gold, and brass), a jump ring, a necklace chain to match, and jewelery or needle nose pliers! (Supply links are under the pictures.) I got everything I needed at Hobby Lobby and Michaels. Honestly, I could've just found everything at Hobby Lobby, but I wanted to check out the Christmas decor sale at Michales ;) Once I had what I needed, all I had to do was attach the charm to a jump ring, which I closed over the chain. You could also slide it onto the chain, but you might need to remove the larger chain section at the end before sliding on the charm, then reattach it. Done!!


Necklace Supply Links:

For the packaging I used a 5x6 inch kraft paper jewelery gift box that already had the cotton padding in it, two different types of red holiday ribbon (I used the striped ribbon on the inside just to add a little more interest), twine, and two different floral sprigs I found in the holiday floral section which happened to be 50% off. I attached the ribbon to the inside of the top lid with a hot glue gun, so that the package could be easily opened (and reused!). The gold balls were originally part of a larger sprig, so I just cut some small pieces off to attach to the stem of the burlap leaves with hot glue.  I'm sure I'll find good use for the extra :)

Packaging Supply Links:

That's all there is to it! Simple as can be with lots of room for creativity :) Maybe add a small gemstone charm next to the pinecone? Have fun!