Husband and wife team of wedding photographers serving Portland Oregon and the surrounding areas, traveling around the Pacific Northwest.

Hi, I'm McKenna! My husband Evan and I photograph side by side during wedding days, but I'll be the one shooting your portraits and chatting with you as we collaborate in preparation for your session. I began specializing in portrait photography over six years ago, and have developed a style that reflects the radiance I see in the world. Since completing my formal training in photography and graduating with my Bachelor's degree, I've found that I thrive on the combination of creating art and making true connections with people. Photography allows me to do just that! Whether you're graduating high school, about to marry the love of your life, or celebrating an anniversary, I want to know your story. But more importantly, I want to preserve it in an honest way that will showcase the beauty of your life, right now. My goal is that when you look back on the photographs we make together, you will see your life- real and genuine, filled with infinite worth and possibility. 

We started shooting weddings together a couple of years ago, and it has been one of the best choices we've made for our business. Working alongside each other as best friends lends to a communication that can't be beat, and allows us to offer two different photographic perspectives to our couples. We are able to capture the big moments as well as the sweet and spontaneous in-betweens that serve as reminders of the pure joy of your day. We hold dear to our hearts the friendships we make through our work, and are so grateful for those of you who share your stories with us- offering us a small glimpse into your lives, trusting us to capture who you truly are in one particular moment of time. These stories continue to be a source of inspiration not just in our work, but throughout our personal lives as well. 

 We love being able to work as a team photographing weddings and elopements for couples in the Pacific Northwest!

Since so many of you share your stories with us, we figure we should share a little of our story with you! We met each other in college, where we were friends long before sparks flew. Our friendship took a new and unexpected turn at the most romantic of all places- a demolition derby. Maybe there is something to be said about raw, unapologetic, country entertainment, but from there we were hooked. After a couple weeks of puppy-love and butterflies, that semester drew to an unwelcome close and we met for lunch before going our separate ways for the Summer (or so we thought). Conversing over our sweet pork salads at Costa Vida, we both knew in that moment that this was meant to be a life long love. Surviving on Skype dates and a visit to the coast, Summer came and went, and we were engaged by that September. We've found our way back to the Pacific Northwest, and we're loving the adventures life continues to bring.